miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

FreePostcard by Atedeso

In Atedeso we have designed a place for you to share emotional images with your loved ones.

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An interesting note:

The little details that make us great

We are all unique, yet being great at the same time is not so habitual. It is the little details that make great moments, big features and great people. We forget easily, but it is simple to make someone feel special. We offer you some ideas ...

Always give good morning, good afternoon or good night. That is, two simple words carry with them a great respect for oneself and for others. That someone wishes you the best in the day is a great privilege.

Do not show hypocritical happiness. That is, not being happy and happy because you always have to be, but you have to accept the emotions and feelings that reign in each moment.

Do not respect only your own emotions, but also those of others. This is very important. Think about how many times someone has wanted to cheer you up badly or how many times you have given bad news without being prepared for what was coming and without measuring the consequences. Our emotions are not a question of everything or anything, we must treat them carefully and accompany them properly with the rhythm of their melody.

The smiles in distemper, the warmth of the words, the caresses and the whispered declarations make us feel special. Just as toxic people specialize in spoiling others' days, great people often make smiles, making a difficult day easy. Because, after all, making us feel different is what makes someone unforgettable.

The greatness of people is not measured by money, by their studies or by their beauty. The greatness of a person is measured by the loyalty of his heart and the humility of his soul. And, even though life can separate you from these people, you have become someone better since you met them and that is forever.

Of course what is said here are common things, but there is no doubt that those are the small details of life in which great people are known.

Have a good week.